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Here's How To Jump A Fat Bike Over A Snow Plow

March 20, 2015

bike crash ski slope snow plow

In late January 2015, the Felt video team traveled to Switzerland to meet up with BMX and dirt jump rider Gregor Laucht in the village of Braunwald. Their goal was to complete a daring and challenging bike test while shooting a new video for the Felt DD fat bike. Braunwald, located in one of the snowiest region of the Swiss Alps, has just over 300 residents. In the summer, it is a premier mountain bike destination and, in the winter months, it transforms into a snow sport paradise. Without any cars in the village, the landscape lends itself to a perfect outdoor playground.

ski resort switzerland

The village of Braunwald is only accessible via tram and the locals use ATVs to move supplies around town.

man in blue sweater with fat bike in snow

Gregor Laucht, who traveled to Switzerland from Germany for the video shoot, spends most of his time on BMX and dirt jump bikes. But he had no problem pushing a fat bike to its limits.

man with bicycle on top of snow plow

Gregor surveyed the generous jump options, including one of the resort’s snow plows. His years of experience on BMX equipped him with the improvisation skills needed to maximize conditions, creating his own jumps out of Braunwald’s snow equipment, ski trails, and resort roofs.

switzerland ski resort

After hours of shooting on the mountain, the final video captures the amazing capabilities and fun that come from riding the DD fat bike. Check out the video below.

Double Dare from Felt Bicycles TV on Vimeo.


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