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Buy Your Bike From Home—Here's How Our "Click And Collect" Program Works

June 10, 2020

Buy Your Bike From Home—Here's How Our

Our mission is to be the preeminent performance drop-bar and triathlon bike company in the world. We also strive to encourage and enable as many people as possible to experience the thrill and joy that riding a bike can offer. Likewise, we've always supported our loyal network of local bike shops, also known as independent bicycle dealers (or, IBDs, for short). That's why we started our Click-and-Collect program, an online-based method to give riders the freedom to get their new dream bike from the comfort of their own home, out on the town, or wherever else they can get an internet signal.


Click-and-Collect lets you order your new bike from our website without having to visit an authorized Felt dealer in person. This means that you can capitalize on unique sales, or simply get your bike ready for you in the quickest amount of time. Simply order your bike from our website, and your local authorized Felt dealer will handle the assembly, as well as schedule the delivery or pick-up time. Because all bikes are delivered through our authorized dealer network, you can be confident that your bike is properly assembled by the best experts in the industry. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with your dealer on additional gear, upgrades, and accessories.

felt bicycles order

STEP #1: You pick your favorite road bike, triathlon bike, gravel bike, or any other kind of bike, from our website and follow the checkout process online.

STEP #2: Felt will confirm that the dealer is ready to receive and build the bike. Your contact info will be shared with the dealer to arrange pick-up/delivery details.

STEP #3: Your bike ships from us to the dealer, and you'll receive tracking information for your convenience.

STEP #4: The dealer receives the bike, gets it ready for you to ride, then contacts you to arrange pick-up or delivery.

STEP #5: You get your new bike and start riding!

The Click-and-Collect program helps you get the exact bike you want, when you want it, all while optimizing model, size, and color choices. With nearly every type of good or service available online these days, it's time that ordering your bike be just as easy.


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