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Felt Athletes Win Big At Track World Championships

March 09, 2016

women bike racing track team ride velodrome

The 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships wrapped this past weekend with the five-day festival of bike racing at London’s Lee Valley VeloPark showcasing some of the sport’s top athletes. Felt supported a wide array of athletes at the event, with many of them nabbing World Championship titles, personal records and career highlights. Here are some of the top results.

When it came to the medal rounds, it was the U.S. Women’s Team Pursuit squad that made the biggest splash. The four Felt athletes made history by winning the gold medal in front of a capacity crowd at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London, England. The four-woman team of Sarah Hammer, Chloe Dygert, Jennifer Valente and Kelly Catlin defeated Canada in a blistering time of 4:19.525, just a few seconds off the world record. While en route to the gold medal round, the American women set two national records aboard their Felt TK1 track bikes.

female bike racing team usa win gold

Sarah Hammer also went on to secure a bronze medal in the highly competitive Women’s Omnium event, which qualified her for the U.S. Olympic Team for this summer’s games in Rio, Brazil. The Omnium is an event comprised of several track racing disciplines, and Hammer was able to take victories in the Individual Pursuit and Elimination Race portions of the Omnium.

Ignacio Prado of Mexico scored one of the biggest results of his career by taking the silver medal in the Men’s Scratch Race. Meanwhile, American Jacob Duehring rode to a 17th place finish in the Scratch Race. Other notable finishes include young American Ruth Winder’s fourth place in the Individual Pursuit, making her one of the stars to watch for future success. American Ian Holt, who is also an officer in the U.S. Air Force, fought hard for an 11th place finish in the hotly contested Men’s Points Race.

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