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Felt Bicycles Unveils New Brand Direction, Triathlon and Gravel Platforms

April 26, 2022

Felt Bicycles Unveils New Brand Direction, Triathlon and Gravel Platforms

We are excited to announce the most significant milestone in our 30-year history with a bold, new brand direction and the release of two all-new, high-performance racing platforms as we celebrate our integration into PIERER E-Bikes GmbH. PIERER E-Bikes, with its bold vision to innovate and usher in the future of non-motorcycle two-wheelers, is home to Husqvarna E-Bicycles, GASGAS, R Raymon and as of November 2021, FELT. Our range of performance bicycles and our obsessive drive to be fast and innovative aligns perfectly with the PIERER Group’s focus and company ethos.

Embracing an even more finely honed push on our decades-long obsession with creating the fastest bicycles in the world, we are thrilled to unveil an all-new logo, as well as new company colors and other brand touch points inspiring speed and all-out competition.

“FELT’s new look and feel is a sharpening of the brand’s historic focus on speed and innovation. This slides perfectly into PIERER E-Bikes’ vision and successful approach with our sibling brands. The elevation of identity, product development, distribution and future-forward strategy underpin the relentless effort and approach PIERER E-Bikes Group take in all of its endeavors. We are thrilled to take a pull in this new adventure,” Florian Burguet, Vice President Global Marketing PIERER E-Bikes GmbH.

We are also thrilled to unveil two new high-performance bike platforms that reaffirm the brand’s commitment to making its riders the fastest version of themselves, including the highly anticipated IA 2.0 triathlon race bike.

Our obsession with speed and innovation led to the now-iconic IA race bike, which won the world championship in Kona, Hawaii, a staggering six consecutive years and still holds the bike and overall course records in the pro women’s division. All of the knowledge and experience we've gleaned since then has culminated in the all-new IA 2.0, the next step in the evolution of triathlon speed. It’s significantly more aerodynamic—an incredible 4% faster—than the previous generation IA, and boasts better handling, disc brakes, the most advanced fit system we've ever created, and more innovative storage solutions—including a uniquely integrated fuel and hydration reservoir.

“FELT’s roots run deepest in triathlon, the brand’s first bikes being revolutionary racing machines designed for optimizing rider fit and aerodynamics. The IA 2.0 continues that legacy and ushers in a new era of aerodynamic performance, all geared towards making our triathletes the fastest they can possibly be," says Brian Wilson, Felt’s VP of Product Development.

 white triathlon bike on black background

The Breed Carbon is our first-ever, full-carbon gravel bike, and it was painstakingly designed for speed over any terrain. Over four years in development, the Breed Carbon showcases FELT’s three decades of experience in optimizing rider fit and handling, carbon fiber expertise, and aerodynamic innovation. Featuring a full-carbon chassis, disc brakes, massive tire clearance, and an intuitive array of storage solutions, it’s a bike purpose-built for gravel racing and those athletes looking to compete at the highest level in their favorite gravel or mixed-surface event.

“The Breed Carbon is the ideal gravel race machine for cyclists looking to fly across mixed terrain faster than they ever dreamed possible," adds Felt’s Brian Wilson.

blue gravel bike on black background

Both the IA 2.0 and the Breed Carbon will start being available by the end of 2022. Want to be the first to be notified about pre-order opportunities? Then check out more details of both the IA 2.0 triathlon bike and the Breed Carbon gravel bike.

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