Gallery: Chloe Dygert's Rainbow-Themed World Champion Felt DA Time Trial Bike

August 20, 2020

Gallery: Chloe Dygert's Rainbow-Themed World Champion Felt DA Time Trial Bike

When Chloe Dygert crossed the finish line of the time trial course at the 2019 UCI World Championships, it felt like a coronation. It was fitting, then, that the event took place in Yorkshire, England, a nation inescapably and historically tied to its monarchy. The 22-year-old American had long been one of the most watched stars in the world of cycling, thanks to impressive results throughout her junior career—Dygert won both the road race and time trial at the 2015 UCI World Championships as a junior. She had also risen to become the most dominant force in track cycling, with five world championships prior to her exploits in Yorkshire—she's since added two more rainbow jerseys from the velodrome to her collection, all of which have been won aboard Felt bikes. But no one was ready for what she unleashed on the challenging roads of the Yorkshire time trial course.

chloe dygert cycling
Over 30.4 kilometers, Dygert posted a time of 42:11, a full one minute and thirty-two seconds ahead of her closest competitor. It was the largest margin of victory ever at the UCI Time Trial World Championships—in either the Women's or Men's divisions. By race's end, Dygert had passed eight other riders who had started the course ahead of her. She collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion, completely spent after giving everything her body could possibly muster in a bid for glory.

chloe dygert bike
The global COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to professional cycling for much of the 2020 season. And while some races have begun to take place, there still remains uncertainty about when—or even, if—other events, including this year's UCI World Championships, will occur. However, at its core, cycling is all about persistence in the face of adversity, as well as optimism and hope in defiance of a challenging mountain or stretch of road. It's in that spirit that we designed a brand-new bike for Chloe Dygert, one that reflects her world champion status, and one that we hope she will ride to glory in the near future.

time trial world champion
"We've been eagerly awaiting this one," says Jake Duehring, Felt's Director of Sports Marketing. "Chloe is such an immense talent, and she's already a proven world champion. She won rainbow jerseys both in the road and time trial disciplines in the junior category back in 2015, both on Felt bikes. In fact, her time trial victory then was aboard a DA, too. We were ecstatic for Chloe and thrilled by her performance. We're happy to have designed her a unique new bike that reflects her status as the best time trialist in the world."

time trial rainbow jersey
"I wanted the bike to be bold, tasteful, and aggressive looking," says Felt's Creative Director Bob Thomson. "Super clean without a lot of clutter. So many champion bikes are garish and over the top, but that's not really Felt's style. So I went with gloss white and the sharply angled intersecting World Champion stripes, running from fork tip to seatpost. It's unmistakably the world champ's bike, and you can see it a mile away. I've had the privilege to be able to design bikes for some of the world's best athletes, something that is never lost on me. World Champion bikes with their iconic rainbow stripes, of course, are extra meaningful to the bike dork fan in me, and they are a true honor to work on."

sram chainring
"Chloé’s World Championship Felt DA is beautiful," says Nicola Cranmer, founder and general manager of TWENTY20 Pro Cycling. "Felt, SRAM, and Zipp have been our partners for over a decade and these bikes have carried the athletes of TWENTY20 to nine Olympic and Paralympic medals and multiple Elite and Junior World and National Championship titles. It's unlikely that Chloe will actually get to race her rainbow bike this year but she can look forward to many more world titles."

time trial aerobars
“Felt Bicycles, SRAM, and Zipp have supported me to 10 World Championship titles on the track and road," says Chloe Dygert. "I always love new bike day. But what makes this new Felt day so special is that it’s not just another bike. It’s a bike that I feel confident on and a bike that I’ve worked so hard for, and I will get to keep it for the rest of my life. I threw tantrums on the side of the road because I wasn’t 'good' enough, had break-downs training on the velodrome because I didn’t 'hurt' enough. Everything I did to earn this bike is what makes it so special and to ride it and own it is a privilege.”

sram time trial

Frame: Felt DA. Felt Defined Aero TT/Tri UHC Ultimate + TeXtreme carbon fiber
Fork: Felt Bayonet 4 UHC Ultimate + TeXtreme carbon fiber
Headset: Felt Bayonet 4 integrated, 19mm sealed cartridge bearing
Stem: Felt Bayonet 4 Fixed Position, 90 x 0mm
Size: 54cm
Components: SRAM Red eTap AXS 12-speed
Base Bar: Zipp Vuka Aero integrated aero bar 
Extensions: Zipp Vuka Shift AXS 90 Integrated Aerobar shifting system
Power: SRAM Red AXS Power Meter
Cranks: SRAM Red AXS
Crank Length: 172.5mm
Chainring: SRAM AXS Aero 52T
Cassette: SRAM Red XG-1290 10-28
Chain: SRAM Red with Flattop technology
Pedals: Custom gold-plated Speedplay Zero Aero pedals with 53mm spindle
Saddle: Velo Angel TT Special edition with Carbon rails 241x143
Wheel - Rear: Zipp SUPER-9 carbon tubeless Rim-brake Disc
Wheel - Front: Zipp 858 NSW carbon tubeless Rim-brake
Tires: Kenda Valkyrie TLR Pro 700c x 25mm
Name Sticker: Victory Circle Graphix
Built by: Joe Savola

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