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Gallery: Josh Amberger’s Kona World Championship IA Disc Triathlon Bike

October 10, 2019

Gallery: Josh Amberger’s Kona World Championship IA Disc Triathlon Bike

Josh Amberger is one of the biggest personalities and fastest rising stars in triathlon. The Australian swimming sensation has raced at Kona for the past two years, and each time, he has been the very first swimmer out of the water and has led the pro men’s division into the first transition. Josh has been in incredible form this season, so there’s no reason to doubt that he’ll again be first out of the water this year. A diehard competitor who always pushes his body to its absolute limits, Josh has been working hard on improving his cycling and running efforts, so he’ll be fighting for a podium position on Saturday, October 12. Aiding him on the bike split will be a brand-new Felt IA Disc triathlon race rig, complete with a full component setup from SRAM and Zipp.

felt ia disc sramJosh Amberger runs the latest drivetrain from SRAM, the Red eTap AXS group. It’s electronic and wireless, includes hydraulic disc brakes, and also features a unique selection of gearing combinations. Josh opts for a 1x drivetrain setup for most of his races, including Kona.

felt ia disc sramJosh’s 1x drivetrain setup for Kona includes a 52-tooth, single chainring. His IA Disc race bike is also fitted with a Quarq power meter.

sram axsA 12-speed cassette from SRAM is paired with Josh’s lone 52-tooth chainring. With its 10-tooth smallest cog, this setup yields a high gear that is nearly equivalent to one featuring a 57-tooth chainring and 11-tooth cog!


felt ia disc brakesJosh Amberger is a fan of disc brakes, and appreciates their increased stopping power and modulation over old-school rim brakes, particularly in wet weather and on technical racecourses.

ism saddle triathlonISM saddles are incredibly popular with triathletes, and Josh runs one of the brand’s models that features absolutely no padding. Josh added some grip tape to the carbon fiber shell to prevent slippage.

triathlon zipp barsIn addition to a set of Zipp 454 and 858 NSW wheels, Josh also uses a Zipp cockpit.

triathlon sram blipJosh’s cockpit setup is straightforward and all-business. In addition to running SRAM blip-style shift buttons on the ends of his aerobar extensions, he also has a blip button located underneath each brake lever. Like his saddle, Josh’s brake levers also feature grip tape.

josh ambergerThe Australian star is the best swimmer in the business, and will most likely be first out of the water at this year’s Kona World Championship. Will he end up on the podium? We’ll find out on Saturday, October 12.


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