"Endurance Road" is a one-step removed from the aggressive, low-profile, race-orientated performance bikes of our AR and FR series. While these bikes are more about raw power transfer, frame stiffness, and aero, the focus in "endurance" category is more about comfort and versatility with the right amount of performance-oriented frame stiffness to keep things fun and lively. Our VR platform delivers this in spades.

The VR series features a tuned endurance-oriented geometry that is designed around a more upright riding position to favor comfort and fit options. This is combined with a newly developed seat stay configuration that offers enhanced compliance (a fancy term for comfort and absorption over rougher road surfaces) and more confident and stable handling characteristics for turns, bad pavement, and longer rides. This is all good. This will help you enjoy predictable, comfortable, stable ride dynamics. And, on the fun & lively side, a tapered head tube (stiffer, more sure-footed) and robust bottom bracket shell ensure that the VR possesses enough of the Felt performance credentials to keep your riding dynamic and inspired when you want to give it a little extra oomph.

On top of all of this, the VR handles tires up to 30mm, accepts fenders, and even comes with a top-tube mounting eyelets to handle an extra bag for additional storage options.

Extend your ride and enhance your cycling experience with the Felt VR.

the vr

The VR is a new perspective on cycling. A shift in how we experience terrain, distance, topography and time by embracing our curiosity and questioning our own limits. It’s the bike to go forward with, to discover with, and to evolve with. From sunrise to sundown, the VR is your passport to the rest of the road.


Road cycling has evolved. Riders all over the world are pushing their equipment further than ever before. They’re getting off the beaten path, exploring new roads and spending more time in the saddle on solo excursions, group adventures and epic gran fondos, all to satisfy their passion for the ride. These are the riders that inspired us to create the VR, the most versatile and capable endurance road bike in our history. Drawing on decades of frame building and carbon fiber innovation, our engineers meticulously crafted each and every VR model from the ground up with the most refined geometry and materials selection of any Felt endurance road bike, ever, harmoniously melding together comfort and performance. Welcome to the VR, the next step in the evolution of the endurance road bike. Go explore.


Seeking out new roads demands the very best equipment. Whether riding pristine tarmac, eroded thoroughfares abandoned to the elements or gravel roads leading to parts unknown, the modern endurance road bike must be prepared for whatever comes its way. To accomplish this, the VR ushers in a new era of capability. Outfitted with the latest touchstones in road cycling technology like disc brakes, thru-axles and ample tire clearance for unrivaled control, confidence and comfort, the VR is also equipped with sub-compact gearing. This provides riders with the ideal climbing gear ratio of 1:1, thereby empowering riders to overcome variable terrain and gradients throughout an all-day climbing adventure, all without sacrificing the gearing necessary for fast road riding. Discover a new road cycling experience, like nothing you’ve felt before.


The farther you ride, the more you’ll find yourself far removed from your regular grind. So the VR utilizes a host of integrated convenience features, including a proprietary fender mount kit for protection against foul weather, as well as a top tube storage solution for securing ride accessories like tools or nutrition products. The more often you ride, the more you’ll value the finer details of advanced equipment, like the VR’s future-proof cable management system, which is compatible with every drivetrain in the world. And the longer you ride, the more you’ll find yourself on the road at all hours of the day. And that’s why the VR incorporates high-visibility aesthetic accents that ensure you’re always in the spotlight. Road cycling has evolved, and so, too, has the endurance road bike. Now it’s your turn.