The Felt Triathlon Bike line-up comes in 4 platform variants: The IA Disc, the IA rim, the DA (UCI legal for time trials as well), and the more entry-level B bike. All of our triathlon bikes prioritize fit and function along with build kits that offer a great out-of-the-box race option as well as upgrade-ready specs depending on the level. The IA is our #1 selling platform. The Felt IA Series offers a varied mix based on the rider's needs. Our top-of-the-line full-integration IA | FRD and Advanced and Disc models have the sleekest, most integrated front end for optimal speed, aerodynamics, and range-topping function. The standard rim versions don't give the same full-integration but they offer an optimal blend of speed and adjustability at a more accessible price. Regardless of your choice, know that the IA is the winningest triathlon bike competing today but you can count on any of the Felt Triathlon bicycle line-up for speed-inducing performance.