Our technological focus is firmly targeted on performance gains. For us, riding fast is the supreme expression of what we do to fine tune frame geometries, determine material lay-ups, and create bikes that ride great and perform to their maximum for our passionate riders the world over.

We conduct in-laboratory tests with robust computer software packages and instrumented frames, tube sections, and even riders. We get out on a variety of iterative samples to see how the bikes ride in real-world conditions. We optimize for comfort, aerodynamics, agility, and component specifications. We sweat the details because we know how much they matter.

"FRD represents all of the blood, sweat, and tears shed by our professional athletes and engineers, alike."


The pinnacle of our bike building knowledge, the FRD moniker lives at the summit of our bike model line-up. Lighter, stiffer, smoother, and built to deliver your cycling dreams, FRD is the ultimate riding machine.

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All carbon fibers are not equal. To deliver superlative ride quality and a performance advantage, Felt features TeXtreme carbon throughout much of our line.  

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"Free speed" doesn't come free. The hours of wind-tunnel time, frame iterations, CFD analysis, athlete input, and track testing help us create the world's most aero bikes.

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The sum of its parts, each Felt bike benefits from additional technologies to create the world's best performing bikes. We love speed and we take a guiding light through the spirit of innovation. See our latest additions to what makes a Felt bike the complete package.

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